The Team

6. August, 2015




Misty M. McNeeley: Founder, President and Managing Member

Misty is a successful entrepreneur with a sports nutrition specialist background.  She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management from Georgia Southern University.  While at GSU, Misty was a personal fitness instructor.  It was during this initial entrepreneurial foray that Misty came to the understanding that food plays a much bigger role in obtaining physical goals than most people understand.  She found educating people on how food works in the body to be substantially more rewarding than teaching “lifting techniques”.  Upon graduation, Misty became a sports nutrition specialist and opened her own nutrition and consulting business. Those who followed her advice and guidance gained the physique they desired as well as a revised look at food consumption choices.  Misty finds risk-taking and developing a commercially viable business to be hard work, but most rewarding.

Misty has pursued business ventures, sales, marketing into other countries.  In the late 2000’s, Misty moved to Central America to market/sale medical services for a major company.  While living in Central America, Misty capitalized on the opportunity to hone her sales, marketing and managerial skills.  Her Central America business caused Misty to gain more than business management knowledge—she was influenced by a simple culture that prioritizes education with an unwavering dedication to self-development and an exceptional work ethic.

Upon return to the United States, Misty began to employ new techniques and skills sets into her marketing and sales business.  Through her most recent enterprise, Misty finds herself consulting regularly with executives from a variety of fields with her special talents of collaborating among disparate disciplines to secure solutions for engaging, pioneering and implementing ideas conductive to amplify M3 Creations, LLC as a recognizable worldwide name.

Misty is a native of Georgia and resides in Smyrna.

Misty M. McNeeley, Founder and Managing Member of M3 Creations LLC has been riding motorcycles since she was 8 years old. Misty grew up with and around motorcycles and has a rather good grasp of the mindset of a motorcyclist from the weekend warrior to the die-hard bike rider.   



Dennis Eugene McNeeley, Vice President of Development

Dennis is a successful entrepreneur with a background as a mechanical and electrical instrument technician.  Following his fathers’ footsteps, he joined the United States Navy.  While serving his country, Dennis was introduced to a world of opportunity and education funneling his dreams to become more than his family’s fortune.   Dennis is the father of two industrialist women and one beautiful granddaughter.  With his wife of 40 years, Connie A. McNeeley, a remarkably strong yet kind woman, Dennis provided a home full of faith, value and love.

From an early age, Dennis was fixated with motorcycles and cars.  Luckily he has a very understanding wife, who permitted him to build his first motorcycle in the small walk-in closet of their first apartment in 1975.  Driving that bike, year round, to work and school was a worthy sacrifice made to augment his growing family.   Dennis still has, what he calls, his first love, a 1968 RSS Camaro; and yes, Connie is aware of the pecking order.  Though the car has been built, rebuilt, modified and “supped-up” over the years, Dennis still has a fanatical child-like joy each chance he gets to spend time with his “toys.”

In the early 1990’s, Dennis, was a financial advisor.  He was enthusiastic in helping people understand their finical options, while developing his ability in sales and marketing.  In this initial entrepreneurial endeavor, Dennis found a venturous delight in building a feasible business.  Dennis later pursed business endeavors in mechanical tools and parts; though in the field of his passion it was his sales and marketing skill set that allowed him to truly capitalize on the tool business.

Life’s state of affairs coupled with his enduring dedication has more than provided a wealth of knowledge in an array of venues.

Dennis is a native of Rhode Island and resides in Acworth Georgia.